Long-Term Alignment

Progressive Business Publication's Employee Appreciation Day

Progressive Business Publications is proud to celebrate more than 50 years of successfully serving the needs of our customers and employees. We are driven by our values-driven environment, and believe that consistent and meaningful values are the secret of our long-term success.  While other companies often talk and write about their values, we truly live by ours every day. This focus ensures that we can deliver long-term alignment with customers’ and employees’ needs.

Like any great company, PBP is driven entirely by serving its’ customers. This is why our first focus is on Product Quality – going beyond customer satisfaction to ensure a complete and satisfying customer experience. To best help our customers succeed, we recognize that “Specialization Spells Success” … it’s our corporate philosophy. This disciplined focus on function-specific information has been key to our extraordinary customer growth and financial success. From this focus, we’ve been able to add new business lines, all drawing from our large customer list, and a shared operational discipline.

Our belief in specialization is fueled by our high standards in talent acquisition. In all areas of the company, from editorial to marketing to operations, PBP demands Excellence from its employees. So we seek out individuals who are willing to “go deep” in their given areas, who recognize that the only way to achieve excellence is to specialize, to learn more, and to deliver more about a targeted focus area.

We take pride in our Quality Control standards, maintaining a complete electronic copy of every transaction. This level of control lets us offer our customers a very strong product Guarantee, and a Liberal Cancellation Policy. This also helps us to deliver very fast resolution of any customer questions or issues that may arise. With over 150,000 active customers at any time, we value our alignment with our customers’ goals and needs.