PBP Mentors with their Cook Wissahickon Mentees taking part in Junior Achievement's financial literacy program.

PBP Mentors with their Cook Wissahickon Mentees taking part in Junior Achievement’s financial literacy program.

When speaking to audiences throughout the region, Ed Satell, Progressive Business Publication’s Founder & CEO,  has often remarked that Philadelphia is a great city due to three factors:  Business, the Government and Nonprofits.  He believes that quality nonprofits contribute to the vibrancy of the region, its educational success, health, social conscience and happiness.

We are proud to partner with nonprofits whose impact is valuable and measurable.  Partnering with our adopted school, Cook Wissahickon K-8 Elementary in Philadelphia creates a better future for our students, and ultimately, the regional community.  We’re also grateful for other CSR leaders like Bank of America and Vanguard for partnering with us in a Junior Achievement project.

The list is long, and that’s an inspiration in itself.  Recently, we’ve begun sharing success stories with the sincere hope of inspiring or encouraging other businesses to partner with the nonprofits of their choice for sustainable initiatives.  The Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council and PHENND are two early partners in spreading the word.

The results can be impressive when businesses think “We, not me”.

Partners Include: