Cook Wissahickon

Taking our lead from Colin Powell and his “America’s Promise”, Progressive Business Publications, through the Progressive Business Publications Charitable Trust and The Satell Family Foundation, helped to develop and then funded a host of support programs for Cook-Wissahickon.  One key program General Powell recommended was a dedicated Mentorship Program.  Progressive Business Publication’s unique Mentorship program empowers over 40 of our employees to serve as mentors each year, offering moral support, strong adult role-modeling, and personal guidance to students who need it most.  Mentors spend one-on-one time with their Mentees twice a month during the work/school day, both on-site at the school and at our corporate headquarters. As needed, our Mentors also encourage and coach their Mentees in valuable skills like good sportspersonship, good manners, positive attitudes, avoiding bullying, resolving conflict and more.  For the past several years we’ve expanded our program to include a Junior Achievement Initiative focused first on developing financial literacy, then moving this year to understanding key money management concepts.

The frequent and personal approach established through our Mentor program has created a core success, and had a positive school-wide influence with all constituencies – students, parents, teachers and administrators.

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