International House of Philadelphia

international house

Progressive Business Publications recognizes that a region is strengthened by diversity.  Cities that attract top international students, doctoral candidates and post-doc students benefit in many ways.  Philadelphia’s International House is a key component for attracting and keeping such students.  IHouse, the oldest in the world, is a unique multicultural residential center as well as a source of distinctive, high-quality international arts and humanities programs and cultural events.   Their mission is maintaining a diverse and welcoming community for scholars from around the world, while introducing them to the American experience.

Progressive Business Publication’s Founder Ed Satell has been an IHouse Board member or Executive Committee member for decades, and the company established the Satell 24/7 Technology Center for the residents more than a decade ago, and updated both the décor and technology resources in 2008.  Progressive Business Publications continues to support the House as a Corporate Sponsor.  In 2012, Ed was honored with the inaugural International Vision in Leadership Award .

This Spring IHouse is presenting a series of events focused on Armenian Culture.  The 52nd annual gala is The Treasures of Armenia, showcasing a dazzling array of artwork, architecture , food and traditions.  For additional information on this special event, visit