Making a Difference – In Profound and Meaningful Ways

Cook Wissahickon Mentees

PBP taking the Cook Wissahickon mentees to the Wharton-Esherick Museum

Progressive Business Publications recognizes that business success should be shared with the communities that enable it.  In addition to our company’s many philanthropic projects, our mission and values encourage PBP employees to give back to our communities  locally and around the country. This is delivered through our involvement in more than 30 highly impactful philanthropic initiatives, supporting 22 non-profit organizations.

Our interests and emphasis are on transformational development for children, young adults and the community, as well as medical and energy research. These focused efforts are managed quietly, through a combination of generous financial support, and all-important hands-on involvement.

Philanthropic Principles

PBP follows five giving principles:

  • Continuity – More than simply writing a check, our focus is on providing consistent, long-term support. We are here to support the long-term mission of the organization, and value ongoing strategic alignment.
  • Involvement – Organizations often require help in problem-solving, good governance issues, developing performance strategies and monitoring results. Members of the PBP Leadership Team serve as Board members, and provide volunteer help.
  • Performance – We closely monitor and track performance, to fully understand how our efforts are impacting the organization. We align ourselves with strong leaders of mid-sized nonprofits, with long term track records that effectively serve the needs of the community.
  • Values – Consistent with our own corporate values, we support organizations that promote non-discrimination and mutual respect.
  • Gratitude – Demonstrate consistent commitment to giving back to the community. Every employee at Progressive Business Publications, knows that we do well by doing good.

Areas of Focus

Our philanthropic efforts are focused squarely within these five areas:

  • Children – Helping to serve the developmental needs of disadvantaged children, to help them become constructive citizens
  • Education – Offering unique educational and leadership opportunities for promising young adults
  • Community & Civic – Supporting institutions that make our community a more vibrant and engaging place to live
  • Research – Focusing on major initiatives, such as curing cancer and fostering energy independence
  • Heritage – Support for the founder’s heritage, since Ed Satell believes everyone should be proud of his or her heritage